Etsy Sundays: AD Toys

Etsy Sundays: AD Toys

This week for Etsy Sunday we’re featuring a collection of hand crochet plushes that are supposed to be for newborns but you might just get one for yourself! AD Toys comes from Maryland-based designer Anna Denisenko and it includes a range of cuddly plush toys that’s made to last for generations to come. Below are some of our favorites:

Etsy Sundays: AD Toys Easter Bunny Plush

Etsy Sundays: AD Toys Tommy The Black Cat Plush

Etsy Sundays: AD Toys Moss The Puppy Dog Plush

Etsy Sundays: AD Toys Crochet Clown Plush

You can see AD Toys’ entire collection by heading over to their Etsy shop. Plushes start at $19.99 USD each, the most expensive plush $189 USD and the average toy costing $69.99 USD each. Don’t let the price scare you; remember these toys are made with love and to last a long time. And if you don’t see anything you like AD Toys also does custom orders!