Kawaii Vinyl is a blog that focuses mostly on designer toys of the cute persuasion. There are many toy blogs online already, our theme is showcasing the adorable. We search through the large world of limited edition urban toys to find these kinds of toys to write about.

We don’t stop at toys either. We also have a fondness for kawaii products, adorable kitsch, and mass-produced lines. Still keeping the cute theme, we blog about what we love and can’t stop admiring. Our goal is to blog what inspires us from the kawaii influences that we come across everyday.

What does “Kawaii” mean???

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute. It’s more than an adjective. It’s a movement that is not only in Japan but has growing throughout the world.

Unless stated within the post, all blog posts are based on what we find on the internet. We also love to get submissions from others as well. To submit, please fill out our Contact form. Doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a newbie looking to break in your new business-if we like your stuff it’ll be featured here!