100% Soft Megakani & Pangpang Plushes

Get ready for a battle of cuteness with these new Kaiju Kitties from 100% Soft! Joining the 100% plush family are Megakani and Pangpang, two sea-based new plushes that are adorable and dangerous.

Megakani is part-cat and part-crab, complete with claws for hunting and fighting. Pangpang is the largest of the Kaiju Kitties, being so big that people mistake him as an island!

100% Soft Megakani Plush

100% Soft Pangpang Plush

Megakani is 7 inches tall with Pangpang standing at 11 inches. You can get them both now at the 100% Soft online shop! Megakani will cost you $20 USD each and Pangpang is $30 USD each. But think to yourself-are you really going to be able to choose only one?