100% Soft “Days of Future Past” Print

Truck Torrance aka 100% Soft‘s print “Days of Future Past” turns the tough team that is X-Men and transforms them into some cute characters (Wolverine doesn’t look that dangerous now, does he?). This print showcases the 100% Soft style as a comic book cover, issue number and price included to really give the feel it’s an actual comic..

“Days of Future Past” was originally done for the MINTcondition Issue #2 Comic Book Show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle. And now we’re able to buy one for ourselves through the gallery. The print is sized at 16 x 20 inches and is printed on archival paper. When you order one it will come signed by Truck Torrance himself. Get “Days of Future Past” for $60 USD each through the Ltd. Art Gallery store.

Source: 100% Soft on Facebook