Fat Rabbit Farm “Rabbit Chase” & “Jousting Day” Tees

Open for pre-order are these cute new shirt designs from Fat Rabbit Farm. These shirts feature their mascot Babee in what looks like to us to be fun scenes with other characters on the Fat Rabbit Farm.

The tees come in men’s and women’s sizes, and can be ordered through the Fat Rabbit Farm website for $25 USD each.

Source: Fat Rabbit Farm

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Luli Bunny’s “Maneki Neko” & “Friday Carrot” Prints

We can’t keep up all the print releases by Luli Bunny over at Society 6. There’s so many to choose from! The latest from the Argentine illustrator is a super cute bunny and a good luck kitty, and they are just as amazing as Luli Bunny’s previous releases.

Prints sizes include 8 x 8 inches, 13 x 13 inches, 17 x 17 inches, and 22 x 22 inches. Prices range from $18 USD each to $35 USD depending on the size you get. You can get these new prints and check out all of Luli Bunny’s works on Society 6′s website.

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Fat Rabbit Farm “Babee” Wooden Necklaces

Talk about a flash sale! Fat Rabbit Farm released two (very) limited edition necklaces on their website yesterday. These wooden necklaces featured their Babee the Bunny. The wooden etched jewelry sold out yesterday in their online store but here’s pictures of what they looked like:

Both necklaces were about 2.5 by 2.5 inches and hung from a 18-inch brass chain. They were on sale for $25 USD each. Maybe if we’re lucky there will be more on sale at a later date!

Source: Fat Rabbit Farm

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Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects “Pirate Bunny”

The seventh incarnation of Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects Chaos Bunny dropped yesterday! Pirate Bunny may look tough with its eye patch and sword, but he’s still just as adorable as the previous releases.

As mentioned in the picture above, Pirate Bunny is limited to 700 pieces. Compared to the other Chaos Bunny releases this one is much larger and several other retailers have it in stock. We’ve been seeing several designer toy shops selling small quantities of Pirate Bunny. But don’t think that just because there’s more pieces and dealers that it won’t sell out; several online shops have already expressed low stock. Pirate Bunny is $125 USD each and available at The Loyal Subjects and other retailers.

Source: Joe Ledbetter

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“Usagi” by A Little Stranger

Meet Usagi, a new adorable character from Cavey creator A Little Stranger. Usagi is filled with interesting facts we’ve never knew about.

Hello! I am Usagi, I am a space bunny. I followed the stars down to earth to learn about your planet.

Add Usagi on Instagram to learn more about her, see some more illustrations featuring the kawaii bunny, and read more fun facts!

Source: Usagispacebunny on Instagram

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