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“Supahcute Kaiju Show 2″ at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

Last year’s Supahcute Kaiju Show was such a success that it’s coming back to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! Opening later this month is a group show being described at “cuter, better, fatter, stronger.” Hana Kim of Supahcute is curating this show again so you know it’s going to be filled with adorable monsters

There will be an opening reception on March 14, 2015. If you’re not going to make it that night be sure to check out Leanna Lin’s Wonderland website for previews and available pieces after that date.

Source: Supahcute

“When Hell Freezes Over 2″ at My Plastic Heart

This Saturday My Plastic Heart will be having their next exhibit for February. “When Hell Freezes Over 2″ is the second custom show based on Lou Pimentel‘s Junior vinyl toy. Check out the roster list below:

There’s a long list of artists participating in this shows including 64 Colors, Andrea Kang, Jeremiah Ketner, Zukie, Kong Andri, Scott Tolleson, Squink, and Richard Page aka UME Toys. We’re stoked to see the custom Junior toys that these artists will be having.

The show opens February 7, 2015, with a reception. It will be up until March 3, 2015.

Source: My Plastic Heart

“Cute Enemies” at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

Coming next week to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland is “Cute Enemies,” a group art exhibit that features various villains in cute form. We are totally behind this show and can only wish to attend to see some of the works on display.

There will be refreshments served during opening night, and the first ten purchases of $20 USD or more will get a free poster. You can RSVP for the opening through Leanna Lin’s Wonderland Facebook page by clicking here. Also be sure to check out the Leanna Lin’s Wonderland website for previews of the works that will be available for purchase.

Source: Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Facebook

“A Capture Creatures Celebration” at Gallery Nucleus

As part of the release of their new comic book, Gallery Nucleus will be hosting a new exhibit featuring Tiny Kitten Teeth creators Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson. “A Capture Creatures Celebration” is a group show that will include original paintings of 151 custom monsters in the Capture Creatures world. There’s along list of artists including Dreistadt and Gibson that will have their works in the show. Also, Dreistadt herself will be at the opening to sign copies of the comic book.

There will be an open reception on December 13, 2014, from 7 to 10PM. The reception will include three raffles and refreshments. “A Capture Creatures Celebration will be up until January 4, 2015.

Source: Gallery Nucleus

“The Secret Life of Plants by Mariangela Tan” at My Plastic Heart

Opening tonight at My Plastic Heart is “The Secret Life of Plants,” a new solo show featuring the works of Brooklyn-based artist Mariangela Tan. The exhibit includes illustrations and fiber sculptures by Tan that “explores the evolution of typical houseplants and how they adapt in an urban landscape.”

Maybe post apocalyptic, maybe alternate reality, Mariangela sees a future of self-aware carnivorous plants, living and loving much like you and me. She invites you to take a glimpse into their world.

This exhibit is cash and carry, meaning you can buy and bring the artwork home with you in opposed to waiting till the show ends to collect it. Tan herself will also be at the show to meet fans.

Source: My Plastic Heart